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Death Construction worker

All personal injury claims, including wrongful death cases, are handled on a contingency-fee basis.


You are not required to pay up-front fees. We are paid only if your claim is concluded successfully.

In a wrongful death case, we aim to hold negligent parties accountable not only for your sake but to prevent future tragedies. You won’t be pressured to pursue your case before you are ready, but be aware that there is a narrow window to file a claim under Florida law.

Is your loved one killed in a wrongful death situation? Depend on the skilled and dedicated lawyer at the McNeill Law Group LLC. Contact Attorney Kevin McNeill to build a strong case so you can move on after your terrible loss.

Building the case for a wrongful death claim

Wrongful death accountability and prevention

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Lawyer services on a contingency-fee basis

  • Workplace accidents

  • Construction sites

  • Falls or building fires

  • Medical mistakes or auto accidents

  • Defective products

  • Harmful prescription drugs

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals

Leading causes of wrongful deaths